Review Roundup: Je Joue MiMi

No sex toy is good for everyone – so no single review is enough for you to decide whether to buy a toy or not. I want to make it easy for my clients and readers to find a number of good reviews rather than having to search all over the web for each toy. In a prior version of Review Roundup I pulled the review content into the Review Roundup post. Big mistake! People work hard on those reviews and want you to read them on their blogs.

I still want to make it easy for you to read several reviews. In this new format I will provide you with links to several reviews and give you basic information about the toy. Even when the review are mostly positive or mostly negative, its worth reading several reviews – the reviewers describe their experiences in different ways, giving you multiple perspectives. The first section below gives you some basic information about the toy. The second has links to reviews.I hope that this information will help you make great purchasing decisions that bring you many moments of pleasure!

MiMi from Je Joue

MiMi is a egg-shaped handheld rechargeable clitoral vibrator from luxury brand Je Joue. It has 5 vibration patterns and 5 pulse patterns and provides broad (vs. “pinpoint”) stimulation with vibrations that are pretty powerful for a small clit vibe. It is covered with 100% silicone that has a silky smooth texture – and because it is 100% silicone it is body safe. It measures around 3.25 inches long and is about  2 inches at its widest. It has 4 color options. It is rechargable – the magnetic buttons at the base that sits on the charger- you can see them in the picture, below.  The charger has a 53″ cord and plugs into a standard wall socket. Its waterproof so easy to clean.  I comes in a lovely package. Use a water-based lube.

Je Joue Mimi Clitoral Vibrator
MiMi clitoral vibrator in purple from Je Joue


had positive things to say about the Mimi, but it is not a vibe that she personally finds especially enjoyable.

“There still are things I really admire about Mimi; I think the quality is very nice and the silicone is great. Mimi’s a lovely little vibe, but it just couldn’t quite do it for me.”

She has a helpful lists of pros and cons that may help you decide.

Bex Talks Sex

also positive things to say about the MiMi, but the controls difficult.  She  thinks they may have been…

scientifically engineered specifically to frustrate me.

Otherwise her review is mostly positive:

I have felt a lot of vibrators, and the MiMi really stands out; it’s different, powerful, and rumbly.


Dangerous Lilly

is lukewarm. While it she stated that

“it finally earns my respect”

and describes some advantages, she also states that she

“can’t wholeheartedly recommend this thing”

She has specific suggestions for who might and might not like this toy that are helpful and worth checking out.

Dizzygirl – Toy Meets Girl

likes the MiMi but feels it does not live up to the Je Joue Je Joue Uma – a toy she really loves.

It’s a great clit vibe but it’s no substitute for the Uma.” “…That doesn’t mean it deserves a negative rating. Not at all.If I judge it objectively, it really is a great little clit vibe that’s probably best suited for those who like broad stimulation and pressure.


Hey Epiphora

is not thrilled with the MiMi – nor with Je Joue customer service (you can read her story here).

“… I feel weird recommending MiMi, because I simply don’t trust it. The shape is lovely, but the controls are horrific and the vibrations are dubious.”


Sarah Nitchkey – Marvelous Darling

is very positive about the Mimi and other Je Joue toys. She notes that:

“Mimi’s vibrations are really, impressively strong for a small toy…Mimi is an awesome toy for anyone looking for a luxury clitoral vibrator complete with bells & whistles.”


Dorothy Black – The Dot Spot

liked the MiMi – althought she does note that it is too slippery in the bathtub to be much fun – but overall concludes:

“It may feel a touch pricey, but for its quality and longevity I think very well worth it.”


If you are interested in purchasing the Le Joue MiMi:

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Review Roundup: Siri 2 from Lelo

Review Round-up

No sex toy is good for everyone – so no single review is enough for you to decide whether to buy a toy or not.  I want to make it easy for my clients and readers to find a number of good reviews rather than having to search all over the web for each toy.  In a prior version of Review Roundup I pulled the review content into the Review Roundup post.  Big mistake! People work hard on those reviews and want you to read them on their blogs.

I still want to make it easy for you to read several reviews.  In this new format I will provide you with links to several reviews and give you basic information about the toy.   Even when the review are mostly positive, its worth reading several reviews – the reviewers describe their experiences in different ways, giving you multiple perspectives.  The first section below has links to reviews.  The second provides facts about the toy and photos. I hope that this information will help you make great purchasing decisions that bring you many moments of pleasure!

Siri 2 from Lelo: Reviews

Slutty Girl Problems (very positive other than issues with music feature)


Naughty Reenie (mostly positive, problems with music feature, price, buttons)


Lexi – Deviantt Kitten (positive – except for toy turning on unexpectedly)


Ashleigh Lake (very positive with interesting comment on benefits for relationship communication)


Naughty Corner (very positive, including positive about price)


Dizzygirl – Toy Meets Girl (mostly positive but not thrilled with sound responsive mode)


Bex Talks Sex (Very positive review)


Emmeline Peaches Reviews (Very positive review, helpful recommendations)


*If clicking on a link does not work, copy and paste the URL into your browser

Siri 2 from Lelo: Information (Nothing but the facts)


  • Lightweight
  • Handheld
  • 8 Vibration Patterns
  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB-Rechargeable
  • High-quality construction
  • Smooth Silicone
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Materials :               Body-safe silicone and ABS plastic
  • Battery :                   Li-Ion 500mA 3.7V – Rechargeable
  • Charging :                2h at 5.0V
  • User Time :             2 Hours
  • Standby Time :      90 days
  • Frequency :            120Hz
  • Max. Sound level                 <50dB
  • Interface :                4-button interface

What is in the box?

  • SIRI™ 2
  • Charger (country specific)
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Detailed Instruction Manual

Vibration Patterns:

  1. Classical – Steady Vibration
  2. Reggae – Slow Pulses
  3. Rumba – Quick Pulses
  4. Folk – Low to High Escalation then 3 Quick Pulses
  5. Hip Hop – Faster Low to High Escalation then 3 Quick Pulses
  6. Soul – Low to High to Low Escalation
  7. Techno – Very Quick Pulses
  8. Jazz – Variation of Low and High Pulses and Escalations
  9. Ambient noise controlled – supposed to respond to noises/ music around you.

Femme Siri 2 from LeloFemme Siri 2 from LeloFemme Siri 2 from Lelo

What do you think of the Siri 2? Share your experience! Leave a comment.

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Saturday Night Sex Tip: Afterplay

The feelings we have in the time period immediately active sexual play get stored in our brains and then affects how we feel about sex the next time.  So, even if your partner had the most intense orgasm of his/her life, it may be the post-sex connection that increases his or her desire and arousal the next time you have sex.  So, linger a little.  image  If you like to cuddle, great. Cudding increases bonding and releases endorphins.  Talking is optional. If you don’t like to cuddle that’s fine, but then you have to put in a little extra effort. Stay with your partner for a few minutes and hold hands.  Make sure your partner feels appreciated.  iStock_000023833290_LargeThis is NOT the time to bring up your pet peeves or helpfully critique your partner’s sexual technique.  If your partner feels confused, criticised or sad because of the way the connection ended, s/he might still have sex with you the next time but most likely will have a more difficult time relaxing, becoming aroused and having an orgasm.  Afterplay may look like you are just hanging out – but a lot is happening under the skin. Make sure its good. 

Review Round-up: Jimmyjane Little Chroma

Review Roundup is one-stop shopping for sex toy reviews.  It’s here so you don’t have to go all over the web to get different opinions on sex toys.  We provide the reviews from multiple sex toy reviewers for  each toy we include in Review Round-up.  If you like any of the reviewers we quote here, visit their blog!  Each reviewer and review has a link to the original blog.

Today’s Review: Jimmyjane Little Chroma Vibrator 

The Blog “Toy With Me” Gave a Positive Review


I was looking to add to my collection of “can’t wait another minute” vibrators that run on plain old batteries and free me from the doldrums of recharging. I wanted one that is lightweight, compact, and if my aquatically sensual self was really lucky: waterproof. When I made my acquaintance with Jimmyjane’s Little Chroma, I found all that and much, much more.


…The Little Chroma is designed to keep on giving, and giving, and giving, to infinity. So shelling out my $112.50 for this most inspired specimen seemed to me a deal I could only win.


…I had to agree with’s take that “Little Something is the most elegant and seductive accessory.” Jimmyjane and I are certainly on the same page … its belief that sexuality is as intricate and individual as a fingerprint is right on. I was ready to put my fingerprints right on its little invention.

Simple to Use

Temperature Play

A cool thing, or hot thing, about this vibe is that its high quality, anodized aluminum holds cold or heat, so you can choose your pleasure or mix it up. And the Little Chroma is biocompatible and body-safe so playtime is worry free for both you and Mother Nature. Water play is definitely on my Jimmyjane Little Chroma to-do list (or is that do-me list?). …


The Moment of Truth

Being careful not lose it (they don’t call it Little for nothin’), I inserted the Chroma and it felt wonderful…. A truly blissful ride on my Little red Chroma. I have found a love that’s gonna last.

Blogger Hey Epiphora Hates This Toy.


DATE POSTED July 09, 2012

VIsit her blog!!! She is awesome.

Jimmyjane knows the importance of marketing, and they use it to make the Little Chroma look mighty tasty.…

…The Little Chroma has one speed. And it’s no stronger than your average cheapo bullet. Actually, it’s pretty damn mild, and a chore to reach orgasm with… ONE SPEED FOR $125. …

Honestly, you would be better off looking up bullet vibrators under $25 and choosing one randomly. It would probably be better than the Little Chroma. At least, it wouldn’t be like flushing money down the toilet.

Blogger Mistress Kay at Kinky World Reports on Pros and Cons

DATE POSTED April 15, 2012

…The packaging is pretty cute. Like all Jimmyjane packaging, it comes in a small white box that shows the vibrator as well as the vibrator’s features on the outside of the packaging. ..

,…t it just doesn’t have enough power to make it amazing. I love how quiet it is, though, and the fact that it has a sexy and sleek design. However, with the fact that it really doesn’t work as a fantastic vibrator because of the one-speed, moderate vibrations, I can’t be too impressed with it.

…  if you want something that just gets you off, and bullet vibrators usually don’t do that, the Jimmyjane Little Chroma will probably not be your cup of tea.

Blogger Valentine – Finding Cloud 9 Loves this Toy

DATE POSTED Nov. 29, 2011

I really do love this toy. It’s very versatile. This can be used for normal penetration as well as g-spot stimulation. Since the g-spot is only about three inches inside the body, the Little Chroma has not trouble reaching it. It can be used for external stimulation like the clitoris or if your partner is blind folded you can use it to tickle their skin. The Little Chroma is also small enough that you can use during sex. As for anal sex, be careful. There is no hold or flared base to keep this from disappearing inside the body. There is a small drill hold on the cap that you can tread a catch string on, but if you’re not confident using the Little Chroma for anal, don’t do it. Feel comfortable about what your doing because it makes you feel good and don’t feel guilty if it’s something you don’t want.

Blogger Girly Juice Thinks this Toy Mostly “Sucks

DATE POSTED Jan. 06, 2014

The Jimmyjane Little Chroma is an old vibrator. It was designed and released years ago. Its technology is outdated, at least in the realm of luxury sex toys. And yet, when I was offered the Little Chroma to review, I wanted it. Because Jimmyjane’s marketing hustle is strong.

They made me want this vibe, with their talk of it being “everlasting” (they sell $20 replaceable motors for when the first one burns out) and “versatile” (yes, you can technically insert it in your vagina, though it’s only 2/3″ wide so I doubt you would) and “waterproof” (it isn’t really, but we’ll get to that). They make it sound damn enticing, like the best investment you could possibly make for your genitals. But the Little Chroma is all talk, no walk. It can’t live up to its hype.

… the Little Chroma is a colossal waste of $125+. You’d be far better off spending that money on a Lelo Mia 2 (stronger, many more settings and speeds, rechargeable, waterproof) or a We-Vibe Tango (way stronger, 4 speeds, rechargeable, waterproof, super quiet) – hell, you could even get both of those, because even put together, they’re still only $25 more than the Little Chroma. And way, way, way better in every conceivable way.

Blogger Karen Hill – Sex With Karen – Recommends the Little Chroma

DATE POSTED Dec. 16, 2013

JimmyJane is a luxury sex toy brand that proudly proclaims itself to have “slept its way to the top” as a luxury vibrator, with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie favouring the toys. With a lifetime warranty for each toy, the JimmyJane brand has an advantage over other brands with their celebrity reputation.

For the cost of the toys – the basic model of the Little Chroma, their most iconic signature vibrator, costs 125 dollars for the basic model, with luxury editions made out of precious metals and studded with gems going for thousands of dollars each – customers expect nothing but the best. Waterproof, almost quiet, and durable, the toy promises versatility and the security of a long-lasting toy.

When I received this toy as a gift, it was a little embarrassing, but far be it from me to turn down such an extravagant present. When I tried it out, I was grateful to have the gift receipt, because it was much louder than it should have been – replacing the batteries did nothing, so I exchanged it for another one, in a colour I preferred anyway (the Little Chroma series comes in a rainbow of colours). Once I’d exchanged it for a new one, I definitely got a taste of what has made this vibrator so famous among the people who can afford the best of the best. The motor is powerful and quiet indeed, and replaceable in the event that it does give out. The vibrator takes two triple A batteries – it’s not rechargeable, but it gets a powerful vibration out of such small batteries.

Advantages: Quiet, waterproof, and versatile, this vibrator is one of the longest-lasting toys you’ll ever have. It comes with a lifetime warranty to make sure.

Drawbacks: This toy is small, and takes batteries. Aside from that, there’s not a whole lot of drawbacks to the simple toy.

Recommended?: If you can afford it, definitely.

The Advice Sisters Think it Would be a Great Gift

DATE POSTED Jan. 12, 2013

Relax! Little Chroma Get Ready To Strike!

When I first heard about the Little Chroma by JimmyJane, all I could think of was the 1960’s song called “Hey Little Cobra” by the Rip Chords with lyrics that include:”

“Spring little Cobra get ready to strike

Spring little Cobra now with all of your might

Spring little Cobra get ready to strike

Spring little Cobra now with all of your might

Hey little Cobra don’t you know you’re gonna shut ’em down”

These lyrics were part of an ode to the Ford Shelby Cobra , a sportscar that was powerful, sleek and fast.

Perhaps the Little Chroma by JimmyJane, like the Shelby Cobra, will be a “machine” that legends and songs, are created about. But the Little Chroma isn’t a car, it’s a personal relaxation device (a vibrator). Like the Shelby Cobra, it has looks to kill, and it’s sleek. Like it strike you with delight! I had meant to include it in a holiday gift guide, but since it arrived too late for that, and now it’s time to bring joy to yourself (not just to the world), I thought a January review would be appreciated.

At first glance, the Little Chroma could be many things — a high tech device, a mind-altering wand, or maybe, just a minimalist small work of art. The Little Chroma may amaze you with it’s modern design. There are no buttons, gaudy colors, or ge-gaws to mar it’s sleek looks. It’s a work of art. The slim vibe has just one speed (the right one, the literature says) and it is waterproof. It is the first vibrator with a motor than can actually be replaced.

There are no working controls on the Little Chroma. To turn it on you put in an AA battery, and twist the cap on (make sure it is on firmly to ensure it is waterproof, if you are using it in water). Other than the cap (there are two small holes in it to attach a string, if you plan to use it somewhere it might get”lost” internally), there is nothing to mar the beauty of the vibrator, or make it awkward to use. There is no charger, no push buttons, nothing that wags or jumps or tickles. You can put it in hot water, or make it cool, to alter the sensations of the brightly colored metal against your skin. It’s really a unique and luxurious tool for pleasure.

If you want a lot of bells and whistles and variable speeds, and things that whirr, buzz and move around, the Little Chroma might not be your best choice. However, the way the device is designed, it has a quiet, low-frequency vibration that varies in intensity along the length of the device. It is intense at the tip and gradually less towards the cap. You work it as you wish. It is also very quiet and discreet once the cap is firmly on the device, but without an on-off switch or button, those initial moments when you’re screwing on the cap can be a bit noisy.

Unlike flowers and chocolate, the Little Chroma can last a lifetime and still has a three year limited warranty. It’s just the thing to give (or get) for Valentine’s Day.

Blogger AlwaysArousedGirl – Jane’s Guide – Mostly Positive

DATE POSTED June 18, 2009

Jimmyjane’s gorgeous Little Chroma is a classic slimline vibe. In fact it’s such a classic that we’re giving it a second look after two and a half years, and in that time some things have certainly changed.

…One of the coolest things about Little Chroma is that if you wear out the vibrating motor, $35 will buy you a new one directly from Jimmyjane. I’m terribly hard on my vibes (perhaps because I use them for an hour at a stretch, ahem), so I love this option. ..

Little Chroma is one of the quietest vibes I’ve ever experienced. The only time it’s not nearly silent is when you first turn it on, and then only because the cap won’t be screwed down firmly enough to prevent the battery from rattling a bit. Once you get past this point, however, the vibe cannot be heard at arm’s length. This is an excellent quality in any vibe you’re planning on using in a shared space.

I’ve enjoyed tucking this tiny vibe into my pillow for quick wank sessions before bed. It’s so tiny that it’s easily hidden away, but don’t let the size fool you. Little Chroma is nicely powerful, even though there’s just one speed. I enjoyed it the most when used in conjunction with my partner’s penetration. The small size make it easy to position between bodies during intercourse or in conjunction with dildo play.

The only thing I didn’t like about Little Chroma is the fact that you must loosen the battery compartment cover in order to turn off the vibe. This, to me, is a huge pain in the butt…

Even with a sketchy off switch, I’m absolutely certain that I’ll use Little Chroma again and again. I’ll be interested in seeing how long the motor lasts with the kind of use I can dish out.

Saturday Night Sex Tip: Its All in Your Mind

IMG_0818 Studies of women who have orgasms during partnered sex vs. those show that women who orgasm are much more likely to report thinking erotic thoughts- havint sexual fantasies- during sex.  My clients who have trouble getting to orgasm during partnered sex will often say they feel they feel guilty fantasizing while they are with their partner.  I get that.  Yet, I want to say… get OVER it, it works, and your partner will benefit.  All excellent outcomes.  But I don’t.  I am a therapist. I work with my clients to explore the belief system is that is creating the guilt and decide for themselves if adhering to the values that make them not want to fantasize with their partner are more important than having wonderful sex with their partner.  And I genuinely respect their decision.  So, if you feel too guilty to fantasize with your partner… that’s probably what you need to do.  And I will respect your decision.
Heres the thing –  sexual thoughts and fantasies during partnered sex are pretty common, especially among people who enjoy their sex lives.  Sexual thoughts, whether snippets of images, sounds scents or fully scripted plays help focus attention on sex.  If you are someone who struggles with distracting thoughts during sex (and who doesn’t?)  – ranging from body insecurities like “I wonder if I smell” and “does s/he think my roll of fat is a turn-off?” to life stressors like “how am I going to pay that credit card off?”, I very strongly recommend focusing on erotic and sexual thoughts  – fantasy.  You might remember a scene from a movie or book that turns you on.  It doesn’t matter what it was – as long as it turns you one.  Got a little hot watching someone make apple pie?  Don’t IMG_0817analyze it, just go with it.  Turn-ons are mysterious.  No matter what people tell you – even people with multiple degrees – we don’t really know how sexual wiring and turn-ons develop.  Most people have at least one turn-on connected to something they would never want to do or to actually have happen. 
Here’s another thing – It’s difficult to suppress distracting thoughts.  It’s not even advisable because trying to suppress thoughts seems to just give them more strength. Replacing them with other thoughts works much better.  Think about something erotic.  Your partner will be happy you are getting turned on and enjoying sex. If not – maybe the problem is your partner.

Saturday night sex tip: Vibrating cock rings help women orgasm during intercourse, intensify orgasm for men.

Hopefully you all know that about 60% of women cannot have an orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone.  This is normal – for many women, vaginal intercourse does not give the clitoris enough stimulation.  Vibrating cock rings (sometimes called penis rings or love rings) are made to use on an erect penis, but they can also be used on a strap-on dildo (or really any dildo).  Vibrating cock rings provide additional stimulation for women – but they can be great for men. They make an  erect penis harder and bigger and keep it that way – helping to delay and heighten orgasm. They work by keeping blood in the shaft of the penis. When a man wearing a cock ring finally does ejaculate, the sensation can be more intense – both because of the additional pressure from more blood in the shaft and because it tool a longer time to come.

There are many, many different styles of vibrating cock rings. Couples using vibrating cock-rings for the first time might need to experiment with different types of rings and different positions. Don’t give up!  I recommend you start with the woman (or for two women, the one not wearing the dildo) on top so she can control the placement and amount of pressure – sometimes the vibration can be too much.  Lelo makes a flat cock ring, the Tor II or Tor 2 vibrating couple’s ring, which is great for the woman-on-top position.  Its pricy but its very well-made so it might be a good value in the long run.  

The Screaming O Two-O has vibrating bullets on top and bottom – this has the obvious benefit (or drawback) of stimulating both the clitoris and anal region – for the woman – and provides more ball vibration for the man.

Another innovation is Cal Exotics  the “clit flicker” – it adds a little extra through a a protruding part that moves, creating more sensation.

Adjustable cock rings are a good option for making sure you get a good fit – and you may prefer the feeling of leather.

Cock rings are perfectly safe – if they are not too tight and not worn for too long (40 minutes tops).  Click here to see a brief illustrated description of how to wear a cock ring and some cock ring safety tips.

…every last bit of the body has its secret, which brings happiness to the person who knows how to wake it

So she thoroughly taught him that one cannot take pleasure without giving pleasure, and that every gesture, every caress, every touch, every glance, every last bit of the body has its secret, which brings happiness to the person who knows how to wake it. She taught him that after a celebration of love the lovers should not part without admiring each other, without being conquered or having conquered, so that neither is bleak or glutted or has the bad feeling of being used or misused. Herman Hesse

Saturday Night Sex Tip: Touch Connection in the Shower/Bath

Iwoman in sexual ecstacy or orgasm in showerf you haven’t had a chance to do the breath and touch connection I wrote about last week, you might want to do that first.  Its up to you, though – pick the one you think will be most fun.

This activity should only be done with a partner you trust.

Take a shower or bath together.

  • Each of you are to soap your own body with your hands while your partner watches you. Any gentle soap will do, but you might also want to use a non-drying shower gel.
  • As watch your partner, be aware of the kinds of touch your partner uses on his or her body.
  • When you are soaping yourself, touch yourself the way you would like to be touchWomen kissing in bath tuped. Try not to avoid any places on your body unless its a trigger spot that will cause you distress.
  • Don’t hurry, take your time to caress and stroke.
  • Be aware of and share with each other any feelings you experience emotionally during this time…embarrassment?  Self-consciousness? Arousal?
  • Take turns doing this. When it is your turn and you have soaped yourself all over, have your partner rinse you off.
  • Consider using candle light instead of the usual harsh bathroom lights.  That can create a nice atmosphere and may help people who are feeling very self-conscious about their bodies.

Some people find they feel very scared and vulnerable when thinking about doing this –  especially if they have not had, or have been avoiding, intimate touching and caressing in their relationship. Those feelings are u2 men smiling showernderstandable. If you find yourself having any of these fears and scary feelings, take some time before doing the exercise to sit down and share them with your partner.

After you have done this you might want to dry off and move to a different part of the house or continue having sex in the shower or bSportsheets makes a great Sex in the Shower line of productsath.  Please be safe – there are some great products that can you have great sex in the shower safely.  Also, if penetration is involved, you will most likely want a silicone-based lubricant because water-based lube rinses away easily – and so does natural lubrication.

Have fun!

Saturday Night Sex Tip: Breath & Touch Connection

Try this tonight with your partner. It feels good and will deepen your connection – assuming you already like and respect each other.  Its awesome on its own – but it will also make any other kinds of sex afterwards more pleasurable and enjoyable. It helps partners relax with each other, reducing self-consciousness Couple imageand feeling of awkwardness.

Note: Before you begin, find out if there are any places your partner prefers not be touched. These places are off-limit.  Genitals and breasts are also off-limits for this activity (what you do after is up to you!). Both partners should try to be as quiet as possible, so you do not take away from your awareness of physical sensations.

  1. Have your partner find a comfortable position – a place and position that will comfortable for them for around 15 minutes.
  2. Guide your partner through a deep breathing exercise.  This will help both of you get centered and relaxed.
    • Ask your partner to breath in, deeply, to your count of 5 and breathe out to your count of 7.  Say “You are going to inhale as I count to 5. Fill your belly and chest with air completely. Then you are going to slowly exhale as I count to 7.  When I get to 7 you are going to push every last bit of air out of your body.  We are going to do that 5 times.”
    • Use a slow count – do not rush it. If you want, in your mind, insert the word “sexy” between the numbers to slow the count down. Say the number out loud, the word “sexy” to yourself, and then the next number  (“1 sexy, 2 sexy, 3 sexy, 4 sexy, 5 sexy).
  3. Touch and stroke your lover’s naked body for 10 minutes – avoiding genitals or breasts and any place your partner has said is off-limits (accept that without questioning).   Bring your full attention to what you are feeling, to your sense of touch.  Notice smooth and rough, warmth, countours.  Touch your partner’s body all over in a way that feels good to you – and notice what kinds of touch you enjoy the most.
  4. Now allow your partner to do the same for you.  Notice how the deep breathing makes your feel.  Fully focus on the sensations of being touched by your partner and your reactions to it.

Review Roundup: Hello Touch from Jimmyjane

Review Roundup is one-stop shopping for sex toy reviews.  It’s here so you don’t have to go all over the web to get different opinions on sex toys.  We provide the reviews from multiple sex toy reviewers for  each toy we include in Review Round-up.  If you like any of the reviewers we quote here, visit their blog!  Each reviewer and review has a link to the original blog.

Our first review roundup focuses on Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch.

Hello Touch Fingertip Vibrator from JimmyJane

We pulled reviews from Travel Nurse Toybox,  Being BlacksilkBritt in Toyland, Unbound, Ms. Behaved, and  Autostraddle’s Anonymous Sex Toy Review.  As you will see, not everyone agrees about this toy.

Travel Nurse Toybox‘s Jimmyjane Hello Touch Review


  • Wearable
  • Shower proof
  • Innovative Design
  • Carrying Case
  • Batteries included


  • AAAA Batteries
  • Tingly fingers

Well say Hello!  The Jimmyjane wearable vibrator is something completely new and innovative.  It is a battery operated vibrator that puts the vibrations on  pads on your fingertips, you control where the vibrations go.  You can use it internally as well as all over your or your partner’s bodies.  You can use this on all of your erogenous zones. It works for anal and prostate play too, the cords keep it from going missing.  It is been discovered that my husband really likes it  on the backs of his knees.  The vibrations are actually really strong and it is shower proof.  This one can be used by anyone!  It can be used for solo play, foreplay and great couples play.

The wrist band is made of a stretchy nylon/spandex type of material.  I have a 6 inch diameter of my wrist and my husbands wrist is 9 inches in diameter and it fit both of us perfectly.  It snaps back to it’s unstretched size of 2 ½ inches wide and 3 inches long.  According to product instructions it can be washed in cool water on delicate.  The wrist band can be pulled up on the forearm or twisted around to make the connection wires tighter with use.

…The packaging from Jimmyjane is so impressive from the moment I opened the outer box, there was tissue paper with a JJ logo sticker on it.  The Hello Touch was nestled in the white tissue paper.  The box for the hello touch has product information on it. When you open the box the inner flap states “TOUCH ME ALREADY.”   In the box you receive the wrist band, the battery harness which contains the batteries, the battery pack with the cords and finger tip pads attached and a nylon type carrying case that snaps closed.

My favorite use of the Hello Touch is with oral performed on me.  …

I rate it a 5 out of 5 or a 10 out of 10 depending on the scale you use.  Your fingers may get tingly, it doesn’t work the best with deep pressure but that really doesn’t matter, It surpassed my expectations.  I would even say that you could give this one for a wedding gift.  We are planning a weekend away for our Anniversary and Valentines day, they are one in the same, and I will definitely be packing my Hello Touch to go with us!

Being Blacksilk dislikes this toy:

The Jimmyjane Hello Touch is a seriously bad toy and an expensive puff of nothing. Its “intuitive interface” is not only unresponsive but also very poorly designed, its “ultra-compact” fingerpads are not comfy, ergonomic or easy to use and keep where you want them. Not only that, the Hello Touch might work OK for gentle caressing and touch, if you like things really gentle (and a bit androidy), but it sure as hell doesn’t work for use on or in the female genitals. I couldn’t try it on Crush, because he hates vibration, but I can’t imagine the finger pads would stay on well during a hand job. And God forbid you put it up your butt.

All that I could forgive if it at least felt good. But it’s buzzy and weak and I cannot believe that the Hello Touch experience was essentially so tedious and pathetic that I got bored of wanking. It’s touted as powerful, but I can tense my arm until my fingers shake and I’m pretty certain I’m a more powerful vibrator than the Hello Touch.

Britt in Toyland agrees that the toy has flaws but she thinks it would be good for women for masturbation and for beginners.


The Jimmyjane Hello Touch has been praised as a revolutionary, game changing sex toy that “may be the best…ever”. According to Shape’s review, the Hello Touch will give your man “superpowers” instead of intimidating him like other toys. It’s been hailed as an “intuitive” vibrator, serving to enhance the use of fingers during masturbation, foreplay, and sex. From the mainstream praise this toy was receiving, it was clear to me that it was being marketed to a totally different audience than your average, run-of-the-mill sex toy reviewer. You wouldn’t find the We-Vibe Tango/Salsa or the Pure Wand receiving this much popular praise, despite the high status they hold among reviewers.

The Hello Touch is, to be honest, a pretty neat design…The wire and the finger pads are waterproof, meaning you can stimulate a partner underwater (keeping the battery pack above water) or you can stimulate a squirter without worrying about damaging a toy. Jimmyjane even made it easy to sanitize the silicone pads by making the vibration pods removable!

It seemed like a good idea.

But, alas, it’s a fairly underwhelming toy. …

For me, it’s not a toy I reach for regularly and certainly not one I reach for on my solo adventures. My partner and I keep pulling it out from time to time, hoping that my memory is wrong and it is a great toy that I should recommend to everyone. However, it’s just lackluster. …

Many users complain about the finger pads as well. The silicone bands can be snug on a lot of user’s fingers.  I have small hands– like, at work I have my own box of gloves because the normal sizes don’t fit, small hands. I don’t have a problem with the straps cutting off circulation to my fingers. My partner, however, feels the straps are too snug on his fingers….

Despite all the hate that the Hello Touch has received from actual reviewers, I do feel that it has it’s place in the market. When I worked at the sex shop, I actually sold a fair amount of them. It didn’t sell well to seasoned couples but it did sell well to females looking for a toy for masturbation or couples looking for a first toy to bring into the bedroom. I know we like to avoid the phrase “good for beginners,” but hear me out. The Hello Touch is truly a beginners toy. It hasn’t proved satisfying to anyone with much experience with toys, at least not to my knowledge. However, when I would have a female customer in the store looking for a first toy, they more often than not left with the Hello Touch. I may be making an assumption here, but I figure a lot women learned to masturbate by using their hands. When transitioning from hands-only masturbation to a vibrator, the Hello Touch seems like the logical option. It isn’t bulky and intimidating, like the Hitachi. It isn’t potentially “confusing” like dual stimulators. It also isn’t made of toxic materials or housing a motor that is notorious for burning out in a month, like so many of the “beginner” toys that stores offer. I would show customers higher end vibrators, like the Lelo Mia or the Nea, as well as the Hello Touch. Most of them liked how the Hello Touch used the techniques they already knew. It enhanced the masturbation style with which they were already comfortable. The same theory held for couples new to toys as well. It enhanced the foreplay style they already used. Most of my first-time-customer couples proved to be intimidated by couples toys such as the We-Vibe or the Lelo Tor. The Hello Touch provided a comfortable, familiar, but yet, still novel, experience.

It may have its (serious) flaws, but I feel it has it’s place in the sex toy market. When Jimmyjane produces a similar toy that’s more powerful (and multispeed!), rechargeable, and can fit a wider range of users, they may have produced a toy I can fully get onboard with. Until then, it sits at the bottom of my drawers, rarely used.

The Unbound reviewer liked it…:

When you’re getting down and dirty, it can be a whole lot of fun to let your fingers do the talking. And with the Hello Touch, it’s like your fingers just got an exciting new superpower. These tiny little vibes pack a whole lot of power, so use it wisely, friends.

Some *handy* tips:

Using it alone? Let your fingers take a journey all across your body. Maybe you’ve been told that vibrators are just for the clitoris — that doesn’t mean that it’s true. Who knows, you may surprise yourself and discover a whole new path to pleasure! Try using the Hello Touch over the labia, nipples, and, yes, even the earlobes. (No seriously, its divine!)

Using it with a partner? Make sure to let them know what feels good and what feels meh. It may look like something out of “Minority Report,” but the Hello Touch won’t turn your partner into a sexual pre-cog, so speak up and get a little bossy.

And you should get your hands on this too!  We think we may have just unlocked the key to the world’s best scalp massage. Slip into the Hello Touch and gently massage your partner’s scalp.

While you’ve got the Hello Touch on, use it to show your partner exactly where you turn on.  No one should know your body better than you. Sometimes the idea of pleasuring ourselves in front of our partner can be daunting.  Use the Hello Touch as a bit of a learning tool.  You’ll enjoy the extra buzz and your partner will get an amazing lesson in Pleasuring You 101.  Hands down an all win situation. (Ok, we’ll never stop with the hand jokes).

The Hello Touch may also be a great way to try out some new moves or re-try some discarded ideas, as the added power makes regular fingertips seem magical. So maybe it’s perfect for foreplay leading up to the main event, or maybe it’s that extra push sending you over the edge. Whatever the case, just remember that while it looks like futuristic jewelry — maybe not the best accessory for outside the house.

…and so did Ms. Behaved:

I’ve had a few wearable vibrators in my day, and they always left something to be desired. They were either chunky things made of rubber with giant vibrating bullets in them, complete with a tangled mess of straps that I could never figure out, or they were just giant bullets equipped with flimsy loops for me to slip a finger through. They were always too awkward to bother with or too big to wear comfortably on either my hand or my body, but Jimmy Jane has found an elegant solution with the sleek and comfortable design of the Hello Touch.

There is some assembly required for the battery pack, but the toy comes with handy-dandy instructions that take a word-free IKEA approach. It takes a couple of minutes to put together but once that’s done, wearing it is as simple as slipping it over your wrist and putting the two vibrating fingertip pads on the preferred digits. The pads are made of hypoallergenic silicone – great news for this lady, whose skin is allergic to everything – and they fit nice and snug. The wristband fits great but it’s light grey coloring isn’t my preference, as it raises the concern of staining, but then again, the color compliments the translucent white of the silicone pads in a way that gives the toy a bit of a futuristic feel.

There are other fingertip vibes out there and I’ve used a few, but Hello Touch stands out with it’s tightly-fitted parts and thpicture5939e unique pattern of its single-speed vibration – it really buzzes instead of vibrates. A light touch with this toy feels ticklish and playful, but bearing down creates a hum – not a vibration, but a hum – that gets quick results. The difference in feeling took a moment of adjustment, but let me tell you – those moments were fucking amazing, and I look forward to experiencing them again.

If the unique vibration of the Hello Touch wasn’t so amazing, I’d say that my favorite thing about this toy is that it runs as quiet as a sewing machine. I think we’ve all owned a toy that sounded like a chainsaw, and the Hello Touch got so quiet sometimes that I couldn’t hear it at all. A loud toy can be distracting in the moment, so the quiet nature of the toy is a real plus. Wearing the pads on the index and middle finger allows for some real creativity on a solo user’s part (it’s like using two vibrators at once!), and the packaging suggests wearing them on the thumb and forefinger when using the toy to vaginally stimulate another person. Hello Touch is small and easily stored (or hidden), and it comes with two AAAA batteries, as well as a three-year warranty.

This is one of those moments where I’m so glad that I do what I do, because Hello Touch is my new go-to vibrator. It’s got so many pluses. It’s great for solo use or with a partner, small enough to fit in the back pocket of my purse (I’m a grrl on the go), and wearing it makes me look like a sexy cyborg. This thing was made for me.

Autostraddle was disappointed:

I’m going to warn you in advance that this is a pretty disappointing review. I was very excited about this toy, which is possibly why I ended up being so disappointed — unrealistic expectations and all that — but I feel it’s only fair to say from the very beginning that ultimately, I didn’t love this toy.

My first impression of the Hello Touch (after reading on Gizmodo that it “may be the best sex toy ever invented“) was total awe. A sex toy that would turn fingers into vibrating magic wands while still allowing the dexterity that makes fingers so great in the bedroom? Yes please! I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Real talk: This thing looks a bit like an iPod. There’s a wristband that houses a control pad, and there are two small buds attached to the control pad with wires. Seriously, to the casual observer this could be a teeny tiny iPod for your pet dog or something. But it’s not. The buds are not ear buds but little pads that go on your pointer and middle finger (or thumb, if you want). And the control pad won’t play Beyonce or anything like that — it simply switches the device on or off. (There are no settings — it’s just an on button and an off button, wham bam thank you ma’am.) To be honest the toy — my toy, at least — is a little bit finicky when it comes to turning “on,” but once it’s on and buzzing you’re all set.

Speaking of buzzing: This toy is loud. T…

On the other hand, when my partner put the toy on and used it on me, I did enjoy myself. It was fun to feel the intimacy of finger play while also benefiting from the vibrations only a toy can provide. I was skeptical that my partner would be able to insert a finger inside me with the pads on, no matter how sleek they are, but I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed that aspect of the toy very much. It also felt great on my clit and my nipples, but weird on my inner thighs, which was a bummer because my partner and I usually engage in a lot of teasing and my thighs are used to getting a lot of attention. That wasn’t really an option with the hand that wore the toy because the vibrations felt tingly in a bad way.

Overall, I don’t mind adding this toy to my collection, but I wouldn’t want it as my primary vibrator and I don’t know that I would recommend it to a friend. I think the Hello Touch is definitely a no-go anyone who doesn’t like strong vibrations because the vibrations are STRONG, but even for those of us (ahem) who do, there are enough downsides to this toy that I’d think carefully before spending money on it. While it boasts that it’s the right toy for anyone who likes “to touch or be touched,” I’d argue that it actually doesn’t feel so great for the person doing the touching, and sometimes it doesn’t even feel that great for the person being touched.

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